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If I have to ask for your points you are out. There will be no second time.
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address: Tim Tierney 137 Brookline St Pepperell MA 01463

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Kentucky over Duke Duke over Kentucky
Kentucky over Mich St Duke over Wisconsin
Wisconsin over Duke Mich St over Kentucky
Wisconsin over Mich St Mich St over Wisconsin


Final 4 is up, and only 3 people can win. Vinny C, Axel or Jim McHugh.




A previous year's donation went to Al, great story --> http://www.myfoxboston.com/story/27813590/stranger-donates-kidney-to-shirley-father

picks: 187 (1st 1500, 2nd 650, 3rd 300, 4th 150, 5 thru 9 100, 10th 40)

email me pfdc9@charter.net if you need me (include your phone # if you want me to call)
15% off the top will go to the Timmy Fund and to a local charity/need of my choice.

twitter @timmytierney if anyone cares

Winner Year Champ Round/Pts
Brian Blood 1995 UCLA 1 - 1
Greg Lizotte 1996 Kentucky 2 - 3
Tim Tierney 1997 Arizona Sweet 16 - 5
Moe 1998 Kentucky Elite 8 - 7
Alex Kohilakis 1999 UConn Final 4 - 9
Dave Heyer 2000 Michigan St Final - 15
Tim Halleran 2001 Duke  
Dave Oteri 2002 Maryland  
Molly Shaw 2003 Syracuse  
Addyson Ainger 2004 UConn  
Slim Tim McQ 2005 NC  
Christine Lizotte 2006 Florida  
Lanning Ruben 2007 Florida  
Alex Kohilakis 2008 Kansas  
Tom Clark 2009 NC  
TZO 2010 Duke  
Greg Douglas 2011 UConn  
Matt Halleran 2012 Kentucky  
Tom Clark #2 (L.T) 2013 Louisville  
Raspablo 2014 UConn  

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